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to visit in Fontainebleau area

- The château of Fontainebleau: the only château to have been inhabited by all France's sovereign rulers from the 12th to the 19th century

- The château of Vaux le vicomte : its French formel gardens and candlelit evenings and dinners

-The château of Blandy les tours : one of the last survival examples of medieval military architecture in Ile de France

- Come and visit the auberge Ganne where the impressionist painters lived when they came to Barbizon and follow them for a walk in the forest

- Have a look at the amazing cyclop of Jean Tinguely

- Enter Claude François' mill in Dannemois

- Admire the glass-blowers in Soisy sur Ecole

to do around Fontainebleau

SO many outdoors activities in Fontainebleau forest :

- hiking  : walk with your family or go trail and running, it's up to you

- climbing : climbers from all around the world come to Fontainebleau forest ( the boulder of Bas Cuvier, gorge of Apremont...)

- horse riding : many national and international competitions are organised in the Grand Parquet in Fontainebleau.

- rope park in Milly la foret, sled dog racing in Arbonne...